About Us

Greetings and welcome to Northwoods Creations - I am honored that you would visit the webstore and I hope you find it enjoyable. I want to introduce myself as the Owner, artist and "maker" of Northwoods Creations LLC and tell you a bit of  "what's it about?", "what am I about", and pricing.

As I have now rounded the corner of 60 years walking this amazing blue sphere we call planet earth, I look back on so many memories of times spent in spectacular wild places with wonderful friends and family members.  My adventures have led me to the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Casper Wyoming, Glasgow Montana, the Chesapeake, Cornwall Ontario, Anticosti Island, South Alabama, Nova Scotia, Arizona, Southern California, Maui, the Keys, the Outer Banks, and to one of my favorite places, the wild Northwoods of Wisconsin below Lake Superior - a place that got a hold of my heart and inspired me to craft my first wood carving - trying to capture a memory of a wolf at full howl calling his pack for the night's hunt (that carving is shown on the home page here).  I found I enjoyed trying to capture the memories of outdoor encounters - one thing led to another, and another.  Now I cannot imagine not working with my hands, my heart and my imagination to craft items celebrating the rich heritage I have enjoyed in the wild places.  So, this store is the outlet for what I produce as an expression of my passion and respect for all things wild. 

A few words about my pricing - I work hard at what I make, putting many hours into each piece.  I design everything from scratch. I use the highest quality materials I can find.  I hand stitch all the leather goods.  I freehand carve all shaped/carved items with a rotary tool, chisels, carving knives, files and sandpaper.  The only exception is the animal faces carvings which I "rough out" using a fixture to approximate the rough shape of the original free-hand carved sculpture and then detail by hand the finished copy.  My prices reflect the cost of the materials and a modest hourly rate for time spent actually producing the item ($10-15 an hour depending upon complexity of the item).  If you find any artistic talent in what I offer, well that's free as my gift to you.  The administrative costs of managing the store are free to you as well.  I know I cannot compete on cost with many international artisans on price and I am not going to try.  I will have to let the quality and soul of my works speak for themselves.  I trust you to do your own math on what truly handcrafted American art/functional art is worth to you - no harm no foul if you choose not to buy due to price.

Hopefully this works for us both.  I have more antler carvings on the way, more knives in process and multiple leatherwork projects started.  If you like what you see, keep an eye on the store - in any event I hope you enjoy your visit, and I encourage you to get out there and explore the rich heritage of our wild places.  There are probably some awesome places within a couple hours drive from where you are sitting right now! 


With respect and gratitude,

Brian Schwatka, Owner/Artist

Northwoods Creations LLC